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About Us

CEO - Robin K. Blum

In My Book® was conceived and developed by Robin K. Blum of New York City. Long involved in technical and administrative theater, Blum used the discipline of her work in theater to effectively collaborate with a team of talented individuals.

Blum worked as Publisher's Associate at Kane/Miller Book Publishers (during the period when "Everyone Poops" was published)  before selling the first In My Book® card in May 2000.

Starting with the basic concept of "bookmark" and incorporating the person-to-person aspect of "greeting card", Blum combines the two ideas into a new type of product that recycles from a greeting card into a bookmark. Working with two talented graphic artists, Meredith Hamilton and Anthony Russo (who designed the book logo and border), Blum has produced an innovative card that will both convey timely greetings and still serve as a long-lasting reminder of the sender.

Illustrator - Meredith Hamilton

Daughter of two UT professors, Hamilton was raised in Austin, Texas. She studied literature at Brown University, and received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Formerly Art Director of Graphics at Newsweek Magazine and an art assistant at Time, Inc., Hamilton learned from the weeklies how to quickly produce an appealing image to illustrate a topic in the news.

Her illustrations have been published in The New York Times, Doubleday Books and Broadway Books, and have been featured in ads for Singapore Airlines and Visa International, as well as on several pieces of Steuben Glass.

After years of drawing on computers, Hamilton has returned to drawing on textured watercolor paper with an old-fashioned copperplate pen. We think the results are delightful.

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