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The Book Bench Madeleine Schwartz: "The books we often cherish most are the ones given to us by people we love...this may be the inspiration for In My Book. Cute dedications, sweet illustrations; wide enough for a short note, they fit comfortably inside a paperback, a picture of an open book just peeking out from the top."
New York Daily News Page Views: "The clever phrases and sketches offer a uniquely un-Hallmark way for fellow bibliophiles to exchange pleasantries, and to mark ones progress with more significance than an old deli receipt could provide."
Publishers Weekly: ('Exotic Global Sidelines'), stocking your store with eclectic treasures from Denmark, Africa and Brooklyn, by contributing editor Cynthia Clark)... "Multi-tasking as both bookmark and greeting card...illustrated with charming pen-and-ink drawings by artist Meredith Hamilton...these sentimental greetings make endearing gift enclosures, especially when the present is a book."

Book Riot : Here's some logic for you; if you read print books, you’re going to need bookmarks.  If you have loved ones, you’re going to need greeting cards. Why not combine these two things into one awesome literary gift? I have good news for you:  In My Book does just that.

Huffpost Books: 23 Creative Bookmarks To Make Sure You Pick Up Where You Left Off.  Once you've tried a good bookmark, you'll never want to go back to the dark days of guessing whether you were at page 67 or page 76.


Nancy Pearl (Librarian and author of "Book Lust"): "In My Book® cards are perfect for book lovers, from fans of mysteries to poetry lovers, to general readers of all ages and tastes." Interview with Nancy Pearl from

PAGES: "Want to be on the cutting edge? Consider the bookmark..."
FOLUSA (now known as ALTAFF): Founder and former executive director Sandy Dolnick calls In My Book® "perfect to sell in bookstores, at booksales or to use as thank you notes for your volunteers and donors."
LIS News: "In my book these cards are just super! They are sure to be a hit with bibliophiles everywhere."
Mystery News (Black Raven Press): "...the whole idea is both simple, and if you'll excuse the expression, novel."
Public Libraries Association: (div. of ALA), "...a great way to convey greetings..."
NACS-The College Store: "Save your's more than a greeting card, it's also a bookmark..."
Gifts & Decorative Accessories : "Make a Mark - Appealing bookmarks add extra thoughtfulness to a gift book's presentation" (in my're voluminous)
Greetings etc.: (a publication of the Greeting Card Association), In My Book® -- photo of card (poetry) selected for centerfold "Hot Products" by Editor-in-Chief Kathy Krassner.
National Stationery Show: chose In My Book® cards to be featured in "Best New Product" display at the annual Javits Center show two years in a row.
Giftware News: NSS review by Pamela Graves, Stationery Editor..."Blum presented In My Book®...a clever combination of greeting card and bookmark..."
NAPRA Review: "a bookmark that comes ingeniously packaged like a greeting card...the illustrations complement each phrase with whimsy or bookishness...a nice gift for the literarily inclined."

KIMBOOKTU MAIL A BOOKMARK! "The next time you want to send a card to a booklover, take these into consideration. I think it is a novel idea. The front of the card is a bookmark. The receiver can tear it off the other side where you have written your message. This way they can carry your card in their books wherever they go. A nice idea to send to someone you love."

BIBLIOBUFFET We're among "the few, the special, the worthy"! Truly wonderful they say.

"'In My Book' is one of our best sellers for greeting cards. Whenever my customers are buying a book as a gift, I recommend an 'In My Book' card. This Christmas season, I paired the "pure poetry" cards with our stock of Christmas poetry books, and we're nearly sold out! The cards also work great with our gift certificates."
- Mary Beth Nebel, I Know You Like a Book, Peoria Heights, Illinois